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Needlemat - what is it for?

Sportsbuddy RecoveryMat is a yoga mat with small spikes. You spread it out on a solid surface and then stand or lie on it for a short period of time. The RecoveryMat also comes with a headrest, so you get the best possible comfort while lying on the mat.

The form of treatment is called acupressure massage and it is used to cleanse the body of blockages, waste products and the like. Through increased blood circulation, the blood completely cleanses the skin and it gives a fantastic sensation throughout the body.

What advantages does a recoverymat give?

A recovery mat offers many of the same benefits as hand massage or a massage device - but the difference is that you do not have to do anything and you do not get your muscles pressed. Simply sit, stand or lie on the Sportsbuddy RecoveryMat and you will experience all the qualities.

It may hurt a little at first, because the spikes are pointed - but after 5 minutes the skin has got used to the "pain" and the properties of the spike mat begin to have an effect. The first time, you do not know what to expect and it is natural to be a little tense, but the spikes do not go through the skin. They are not sharp, though they may well feel that way.


  • better sleep
  • Improves the digestivesystem
  • Stimulates blodsystem
  • Helps immunedefensive
  • Eases pain in muscles and tendons

A Recoverymat is good for the mind

We recommend that you lie on the mat for a minimum of 20 minutes a couple of times a week - but it is a good idea to work up to both 20 minutes and preferably up to 40 minutes. It may seem unbearable at first, so it is a good idea to take shorter sequences at first. As your skin gets used to it, you will experience all the qualities.

For example, you will feel the blood rushing out to the skin. It's a great warmth and it can seem like getting a hug. At the same time, the brain secretes endorphins, which give a good feeling in the body. It is positive for people with a busy day or with stress as the cortisol level in the body is lowered.

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Remember that all Christmas gifts can be refunded up to and including 15/1/22.


At Sportsbuddy we are so sure on the quality of our products, that we provide a 14-day return policy on all products. In addition, there is of course a 2-year warranty.

All Christmas gifts can be refunded up to and including 15/1/22.

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Where do you have stock and which cities do you ship to?

We have an office and warehouse in Aalborg and ship from here to the whole of Scandinavia.

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How does your satisfaction guarantee work?

At Sportsbuddy, we believe that it is better for you to have the opportunity to try the equipment over a longer period - rather than 2 minutes in a store and therefore we have made a 31-day full satisfaction guarantee.

When you buy sports equipment from Sportsbuddy, you can try the product for up to 31 days without risk. If the product is not for you, you can either exchange it for another or get your money back.

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