Ab Roller

Ab Roller

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Ab Roller

99,00 kr 149,00 kr

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What is a belly wheel and an ab roller?

The abdominal wheel is a very common tool in the Danish gyms and they are even popular, as a strong body strain has been shown to be necessary to get a six-pack - something that most, especially young, people find attractive. However, it is not only abdominal muscles, exercises with an ab roller are good for. A strong core gives you even more bodily benefits.

The belly wheel itself consists of two handles, where there is foam rubber around, so it is not your hands that give up. Between the handles are two wheels that run on a ball bearing in the middle, so you get a smoother movement.

There are different versions of the belly wheel. This wheel is an obvious choice for the beginner who wants to start his training and wants to be good at it, but just needs to learn it. Since this belly wheel has two wheels, there is increased stability. It makes it a little easier to perform the exercise, but it is still very challenging even for strong and trained people.

How do I do the exercise?

It does not look like a particularly challenging exercise to perform when you see other people doing it - but we can assure you that it is enormously hard and difficult to do a real execution. To start, sit on your knees, hold one hand on each handle and place the wheel close to your knees. Next, the wheel should be driven away from your body trunk, while keeping your upper body perfectly straight, stable, and in fact stiff.

Once you have mastered that movement, you can challenge yourself more by standing up on your feet and making the same movement. We recommend that you start doing it on your knees - and possibly have an exercise mat under your legs so that your knees do not hurt.

Why should i train my core?

Do you want a stronger upper body? If your answer is yes, then the belly wheel is just the thing for you. It is designed to do one exercise in several different variations and degrees of difficulty, but all variations train your core - that is, the body trunk, which ensures stabilization in your upper body both when you walk and when you sit.

That is, if you are used to sitting at a desk for large parts of your daily life, your body strain can help you with a better posture, back pain and ultimately neck pain as your body position is improved. If you go to the gym, you will find that your body can better "stretch up" and just like a strong core ensures greater stability while you perform a weight lift - regardless of which muscle group you train.

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