At Sportsbuddy, we want to inspire you to get started with sports and exercise! That is why we have made a free e-book, which gives you a running plan as well as running tips and good advice, so that within 10 weeks you are able to run your first trip of 5 kilometers. Enjoy running!

For beginners

Our running book is for beginners who want to be able to run 5 km in 10 weeks. In addition to a training plan, with up to three training sessions a week, you will also find tips, tricks and good advice on how to get started with running, your equipment and how to avoid creating. In other words, the book contains everything you need to get off to a good start on your new running adventure.

The training plan is structured so that you do not overload your body, but there is also a need for challenge - and you get that here. The training intensity increases continuously, so you can eventually take an entire trip of 5 kilometers. Each training week consists of 2-3 training sessions, which start very gently in weeks 1 and 2, after which the degree of difficulty and hardness steadily increases towards week 10.

Download the e-book

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