Dust and waterproof: Shows whether the watch can withstand water and dust. The number also shows how many meters and how long the watch can be under water.

Pedometer: Shows whether the watch has a built-in pedometer so that it automatically detects the number of steps you walk during the day. See all watches with pedometer here.

Calorie counter:
The watch automatically converts your activity into calories burned, which is useful in connection with weight loss, among other things.

Heart rate monitor:
With built-in heart rate monitor, you can see how many times a minute your heart is beating and use this information to improve your fitness. See all watches with heart rate monitor here.

Blood pressure monitor:
Shows whether the watch can measure blood pressure directly at the wrist.

Sleep tracker:
The watch measures your heart rate and can give you an overview of how many hours you have slept - both in deep and light sleep.

Use the watch directly as a stopwatch. Take time for your sets, breaks or running sessions. This feature is especially used during cardio and strength training.

If this function is checked, the watch has a built-in GPS. If it is not checked, you can use the phone's GPS on the watch by pairing it with the app.

Sports programs:
Choose from 12 different sports programs. The number shown in the table is the number of sports programs that the watch can contain.

Choose from
: Cycling, Hiking, Mountaineering, Badminton, Fitness, Mountain Biking, Running on Treadmills, Yoga, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Dancing.

Music control
: The watch has built-in music control, you can control the music from your phone directly on the watch. You can start, stop and change song.

help: This feature gives you a reminder if you have been sedentary for too long.

my device: Shows whether the watch can vibrate the phone so that it can be found when it is gone.

: If the watch has built-in notifications, you can receive messages and calls from your phone directly on the watch.

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